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“DreamWork is the most powerful transformational work we know. It bypasses the filters of the mind and takes the dreamer directly to the  perfect intuitive guidance that lives in each of us.”               — David Dibble

Do a 3D Dream Assignment: Ask any question and get perfect guidance in a dream.

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3D DreamWork Coaching & Training

  • DreamWork Dream Assignment Coaching for Individuals or Groups
  • DreamWork Facilitator Certification Program
  • Custom DreamWork Training for Organizations


100 Million Dreamers Project

Make a Real Difference in the World! Let’s Dream Together New Dreams for Healthcare, the Planet, or Whatever is Most Important for You. Join Us in the 100 Million Dreamers Project.

    Have you been wondering what your dreams mean--what your Inner Wisdom wants you to know? Maybe you’ve had disturbing or recurring dreams. There is a powerful message for you in every dream!

    Get coached. Do a Dream Assignment and learn what your Inner Wisdom has in mind for you. Or, better yet, become a Certified 3D DreamWork Coach/Facilitator and coach others in doing their own DreamWork.


    Individual & Group Coaching

    As individuals or in a group, do your own Dream Assignments

    3D DreamWork Facilitator Certification Program

    Become certified to coach others in doing Dream Assignments and 3D DreamWork.

    Custom Training

    Bring 3D DreamWork to your organization or group, customized to your specific needs.

    Why Choose Us

    David Dibble is one of only two people who know 3D DreamWork, and the only one who is teaching it. David has published the only two books on DreamWork. 3D DreamWork is as unique, as it is powerful. If this work resonates with you, this is where you need to be.

    Power up your transformational journey

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    Enjoy Dreaming Together

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      Coaching and Courses

      3D DreamWork

      Individual Coaching

      You will be working individually with David doing Dream Assignments.

      Find out what Inner Wisdom wants you to DO to address:

      What's Included:


      3D DreamWork

      You will be working in a group with other dreamers, with David doing Dream Assignments, chosen at random from volunteers.

      Find out what Inner Wisdom wants the dreamer to DO to address:

      What's Included:


      3D DreamWork Facilitator Certification Program

      This is our signature course. Take your place as a coach and champion for transformational change in those you coach. Become certified to facilitate 3D DreamWork, unleashing the power in our dreams.

      Gain This Wisdom Through Becoming Certified as a DreamWork Coach:

      What's Included:


      Client Feedback

      Silvia Madrigal Technical Writer & Novelist

      A weekend of DreamWork with David is like being seven years old again … right at the moment when you figure out that you can ride your bike … first scary, then exhilarating, then liberating, and then miraculously gloriously inexplicably, you find yourself in full flight. The most inspirational weekend of my life.

      Monique Morimoto Flaherty MS, CPCC

      The DreamWork Certification Program changed how I show up in my life. I had a successful personal/business coaching business. However, I was looking to grow and expand my impact for my clients. I received that and so much more. Truly transformational !

      Linda Landon Business and Executive Coach

      David Dibble has created (!) a brilliant program that combines the most effective coaching techniques (DreamWork) I’ve ever experienced, with a solid foundation of universal spiritual principles that drive personal transformation.

      Start your deep dive into 3D DreamWork and access the perfect guidance your Inner Wisdom has for you.

      We are here to serve you in becoming the best version of yourself, teaching you 3D DreamWork and connecting you to the Inner Wisdom of the soul.